Our Approach

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Our approach is simple. To build the highest quality, longest lasting computer for trading in the world. We never cut corners, or use cheap components. Always the best, all the time…period.

Our Story

NTI is a leader in multiple display computer systems and accessories. We have a solid worldwide presence and our unwavering dedication to supreme quality is what sets us apart. We are paving the way to the future as ever changing technology unfolds.

Based in south Florida, we specialize in high quality multi display computer systems for traders of all types. Our Company is most well known for our popular QuadStation computer systems which we ship worldwide. 

NTI has been in business for 28 years and we are continually expanding our product lines. Our stellar reputation was built by providing only the highest quality products available without compromise. NTI works with businesses large and small to help create a more productive working environment with the use of multi-display technologies.

It is our goal to build the longest lasting computer systems in the world.​​ To learn more about our company, give us a call today!​​